The licensing and compliance requirements for moves that take place within the jurisdiction of a state in the USA differ by state. Many states regulate local and intrastate moving companies but a few states are considered unregulated in that moving companies are not required to be licensed. They must still follow all local and state regulations that apply to all businesses operating in those jurisdictions. States that are considered unregulated are:

Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.

When you search for a location within the United States, not only presents a list of moving services providers which you can filter by service scope; you can also view documentation and links to the service qualifications of all IAMX-Validated and IAMTrusted Movers. Working with IAMX-Validated and IAMTrusted Movers provides you with an assurance that the licensing, compliance and documentation required for the scope of service that these movers advertise have been review, documented, validated and made available for your inspection online.