IAMTrusted is an industry online directory that has done the rigorous and diligent work of cataloging over 10,000 moving and relocation service providers all over the world. Where other online directories simply offer a listing, IAMTrusted distinguishes itself by being the only online directory that features the IAMX Validation System; a program that grants the designation IAMTrusted Mover to a company that has undergone the voluntary process of submitting documentation to validate its years of service, membership, quality, and compliance qualifications. Any company that carries the IAMTrusted Mover has been independently vetted, with each of its qualification claims researched and reviewed by the IAMX Content Team.

A Validation System You Can Trust

The IAMX Validation System is a continuing, ongoing process that checks both correctness and currentness of an IAMTrusted Mover’s qualifications. Unlike the information presented in internet search results, websites and other moving directories, the qualification claims of IAMTrusted Movers are regularly reviewed and constantly monitored for validity and accuracy. You can easily and readily verify each qualification yourself by clicking on links to scanned documents or direct internet links.